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3 decades of helping families through charity garage sales

For the past thirty years, Focus on the Family has hosted a local garage sale to benefit charity. WLFITV covered the Focus on the Family garage sale and interviewed garage sale organizer Rita Thacker. Thacker spoke about Operation Ultrasound, an organization that donates proceeds to crisis pregnancy centers. The proceeds from this local garage sale, as well as the donations from families, have been instrumental in the purchase of ultrasound machines as well as sonography training. The funding is shared with crisis pregnancy centers nationwide to help buy ultrasound equipment and ultrasound training, which are invaluable resources for pregnant women. Operation Ultrasound provides funding to crisis pregnancy centers which help centers to purchase more ultrasound machines and train staff on the proper way to use them. These proceeds have been directed towards Operation Ultrasound since 2004. However, Focus on the Family has raised over $100K since the inception of the annual local garage sale, which was thirty years ago.

Three women were instrumental in forming this annual local garage sale. Proceeds from the garage sale go to Operation Ultrasound and have made it possible for Focus on the Family to raise almost $100K over the past thirty years. In addition to the garage sale, proceeds have come from over one hundred families through donations. Garage door services aren’t a part of the items on sale at the local garage sale. However, the proceeds made from this annual sale helps to fuel the efforts of Operation Ultrasound. Since 2004, Garage sale organizer Rita Thacker has donated the proceeds to Operation Ultrasound. This local garage sale takes place annually and the proceeds allow Operation Ultrasound to purchase ultrasound machines as well as fund sonography training. These machines are distributed to crisis pregnancy centers nationwide and the proceeds are also used to provide training for crisis pregnancy center employees.

Focus on the Family provides proceeds for Operation Ultrasound in hopes of providing machines and training to crisis center personnel. Garage sale proceeds, as well as donations from families combined, are donated to Operation Ultrasound. The proceeds are used to buy machines and provide training for crisis center employees. Sonography training allows crisis pregnancy center employees to learn how to properly use ultrasound machines. Since 2004, Focus on the Family has been providing proceeds that help with the purchase of ultrasound machines used in crisis pregnancy centers nationwide. Focus on the Family donates proceeds to Operation Ultrasound to help crisis centers all over the world. These crisis pregnancy centers are a resource and support system for pregnant women. Ultrasound machines are tools that allow crisis pregnancy centers to assist pregnant women in terms of providing support, resources, and education.

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