Four Simple Steps for Fixing Your Leaky Faucet

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Beyond being just an irritating nuisance, a leaky faucet that keeps you up at night could also have a more serious impact. In addition to raising utility bills by constantly wasting water, a leaky faucet could also lead to more serious problems that are much harder to fix over time. So taking the time to learn how to fix plumbing issues, like a leaky faucet, can be highly beneficial for homeowners. Fortunately, even without the knowledge of the most advanced plumbing tips and tricks, you should be able to make repairs to leaky faucets by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Turn Off Water

Not only is it impossible to get anything done on a faucet if the water is still on, but it will also turn your bathroom or kitchen into a small pond. It seems easy enough, but turning off the water is overlooked all the time, and is quite problematic. So if someone is teaching you how to fix plumbing problems, this should always be the recommended first step.

Step 2: Get Rid of the Frills

Decorative handles, knobs, and other attachments might look nice, but when you need to make a repair, they can get in the way. Usually, simply prying them off with a flathead screw driver should work, but every item is different. Regardless, taking the time to get rid of them will not only make the project easier, but also protect decorative items from damage.

Step 3: Twist Off the Packing Nut

This is probably the first step that might require any elbow grease, since nuts could get stuck tighter over time. After that, you will have to remove the stem as well, which might just pop off, depending on the faucet. Give those items a glance to see if there is any damage that could lead to leaks.

Step 4: Check the O-Ring and Washer

Many common leaks take place when O-rings and washers are either worn down or have moved out of place, and many residential plumbing services will be able to stop here. Finding the proper sizes is vital if you need a replacement, so bringing them with you to the hardware store for comparisons is always smart.

After those steps are completed, you will have to reassemble your faucet and turn on the water to see if it is working properly. If not, you might have to hire a professional plumbing service company for more extensive repairs. Professional plumbing services are always more costly than figuring out how to fix plumbing issues on your own, but the pros will have the training and experience needed to repair even the most complex problems.

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