Ten Ways to Cut Your Landscaping Costs

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Whether you want to do-it-yourself, or hire a landscaping design company, there are many ways to cut costs while undergoing a landscape planting design makeover. Check out these landscape planting ideas, and see how you can change your yard for not a lot of money.

  1. Call Professionals in the Off-Season - Some landscape design companies have special offers in the slow season.
  2. Plan Your Landscape in Stages - Homeowners can request larger landscape projects be broken into three or more stages to break up some of the cost.
  3. Dry-Set vs. Mortar Hardscapes - Dry-set hardscape designs are not only less expensive than mortar, but also easier to expand in the future.
  4. Test Your Soil - Soil tests are inexpensive and save your plants from dying due to door soil conditions.
  5. Work With What You Have - You should try transplanting plants you already have, rather than throwing them away.
  6. Group Plants Together That Require Similar Watering Needs - One of the simpler yet best landscape planting ideas, this will save money on your water bill by decreasing wasted water.
  7. Apply Grass Seed Instead of Sod - It may take longer for the grass to seed, but the cost is significantly lower.
  8. Check Where the Sun Is - Pay attention to the sun and/or shade requirements of your plants before you buy them.
  9. Install Smaller Plant Material - You will need more patience waiting for your plants to grow, but your savings will be significant.
  10. Incorporate Your Favorite Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs - You will save money on your groceries throughout the spring and summer if you have your own stash of fresh goodies in your backyard.

Keep these simple landscape planting ideas in mind in the upcoming year, so you can save money and creating a more sustainable outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy yearround. More like this article.

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