Solar Energy for Your Home Has Become Affordable

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The cost of electricity continues to go up, at an average of 5% per year. With all the talk about renewable energy, it may be time to solar power your home. Solar energy is renewable and therefore good for the environment. Some environmental benefits of solar energy are that the only way they add any pollution to the environment is in the energy used in their production, transportation and installation. Once installed, they provide clean energy for their life duration of 25-40 years. Solar energy can cover all your energy needs; cooking, cooling, heating, warming water and lighting. This reduces the need to use other forms of more expensive, nonrenewable energy. It is true that every hour the sun proivdes enough energy for the entire world for a year.

Aside from the environmental benefits of solar energy, solar power is a good financial investment. Solar panels for your house may seem expensive, but the advantages of residential solar energy far outweigh the cost. When you solar power your home you decrease your energy bills by a considerable amount. Many companies now offer solar panels systems for your home, so you can shop competetively for solar panels for your house. Some residential solar panel companies now allow you to lease solar panels when you solar power your home. Finance for solar panels is also available. When you solar power your home with Renewable Resources of Connecticut, they offer you a 0 down payment, for a payment as low as $65 a month. If you do decide to solar power your home, the government offers incentives and discounts to help you out. The State of Connecticut offers 30% off of upfront costs, and a 30% tax write off.

One of the fun facts about solar energy is that the ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to purposely use solar power. They built their homes with south facing windows, a form of passive solar design, to heat and light indoor spaces. Solar power your home and join in a long standing historical traditional of energy efficiency, while saving money for your family, and saving planet’s future for your children.

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