Signs You Need To Replace Your Gutters

Commercial rain gutter replacement

If you’re someone who really takes care of their home, you know how much time, effort, and money can go into making sure it stays in tip top shape. Many times, we look at our home and think that something could be replaced, but we could save the money we need to spend on it. Instead, we let it go just for a little while longer, but then a whole domino effect begins and more elements of our home falls apart, costing us more money. One example of a part of the home that needs to be watched is your gutters.

Gutter maintenance is huge, which includes gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning should be done twice a year at the very minimum. Clogged gutters are top cause of basement water problem, and you have probably learned this the hard way if you’ve neglected cleaning them. Each gallon of rain water weighs eight pounds, so if your gutters are clogged and blocked, you can face some serious damage to your home.

Now what about gutter replacement? Here are some warning signs that your home needs its gutters repaired soon.

1. You see cracks in them

Cracks and splits in your gutter is one of the first signs that indicate you might gutter replacement services. Leaving them alone will not solve the problem and can damage your gutters further, as well as other parts of the exterior of your home, like shingles, the foundation, and the fascia boards found behind your gutters.

2. The paint is peeling

Another huge sign of your gutters being on their way out is when you see paint flecks. The paint on your gutters are meant to last through wear and tear, so when you see these flecks of paint coming off of your gutter, you know you have a more serious problem. Other things to look for include signs of rust which shows that water is not being removed by your gutter system.

3. You see signs of mildew

Signs of around your home’s foundation is yet another sign that can indicate when gutter repair is necessary. A clog could cause this, or something more serious like a defect. It’s best to have it checked out.

4. Your gutter is pulling away from your home

Nothing screams gutter replacement more than when your gutters are literally pulling away from your home. If this is something you can see happening, be sure to call your local gutter installation and repair services to have a member come out and look at it.

Leaving your gutters alone can result in more damage. Are you noticing any of these signs? While you might be thinking your gutters might not really need to be repaired or that you don’t need to have new ones installed, it’s best to have someone come out and let you know than guessing and putting yourself in more trouble with your home. Let us know if you see any of these signs by writing in the comments below!

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