Ever Wonder What People Did Before Air Conditioning?

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Imagine living in a world without air conditioning. Would you be able to take the heat? Before there was air conditioning, it’s true that people didn’t have to worry about air conditioning maintenance or AC repair, but they did have a harder time keeping cool. That being said, our ancestors did a decent job of finding creative ways to beat the heat in the blazing summer months.

In some of the hotter areas of the world, the indigenous people there would build their houses into the dirt, creating an underground dwelling made of mud. This mud would help to block out the heat from the outside, keeping the house cool and out of the sun. Some modern houses mimic this style by building into the sides of hills, increasing the house’s energy efficiency.

Some time later, when it was popular for homes to be built with large porches, people would gather on the porch to escape the sweltering heat indoors. Sometimes, people would even sleep out on the porch to keep cool, which one could argue poses some safety concerns. Or privacy concerns, at least.

When the refrigerator came along, people started getting extra crafty. They would put their sheets and pillowcases in the freezer during the day, so that when it was time for bed, they wouldn’t have to curl up under warm blankets. Some people would even plop a bag of ice in bed with them, just for good measure.

Thanks to modern ac services, now we don’t have to worry about sleeping outside or building houses out of mud. But you may have to, if you don’t keep up with your AC unit’s maintenance schedule. Visit your local AC repair company today to schedule regular checkups, otherwise you may end up having to put your sheets in the freezer.

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